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At the National Pitching Association Central, we are dedicated to helping pitchers.

Learn from the best baseball coaches in the midwest

The NPA Central provides everything the athlete requires to prepare, compete & repair to perform at the highest level and stay healthy. We train the athletes entire body, toes to fingertips using proven science based training methods that deliver results. We are the ONLY program in the world backed by the medical community.

Individualized Instruction

Get instruction one-on-one or in small groups. Get help and guidance on specific techniques, learn from others around you in a relaxed setting.

Attend NPA Clinics & Camps

Learn specific techniques and approaches from NPA coaches, including NPA founder Tom House.

Why the NPA Central

We understand pitchers better than anyone else, and how to best prepare them for competition. The most talented in the MLB, college conferences and youth players work with us.

We are the NPA’s Midwest headquarters.

The National Pitching Association has been helping pitchers and rotational athletes improve their skills, stay healthier longer, and most of all, deepen their love for the game for years. Led by founder Tom House, the NPA has taken pitchers from good to great using data-backed, science-proven techniques that deliver results. Now you can get NPA training and instruction near you. So if you’re ready to do the work and break through to the next level, let us know. We’re here to help you.

What people say about working with us...

Mark is passionate about baseball and continually challenges himself to gain as much knowledge as possible about pitching. He is open to learning and embraces new teaching methods. His work with the National Pitching Association (NPA) keeps his instructions current and relevant. His enthusiasm for attending conferences and finding out the latest tools inspired my son to start attending these conferences. When a coach is that excited about learning, it is easily translated to the athlete.

~ Cari M.

My son and I have worked closely with Mark Sheehan over the past two and a half years and during that time I have seen my son progress from a kid that threw the ball pretty hard to a well rounded, mechanically sound pitcher with a philosophy about how to pitch and a plan when he gets on the mound. Mark’s work with the National Pitching Association and the concern that they express for the safety of young pitchers is what drew me to Mark’s program. Mark’s individual commitment to my son’s success and his motivation for and dedication to all of his clients are the things that keep us coming back to Mark. His enthusiasm for working with young athletes has never wavered throughout. The times that I have had questions his knowledge has impressed me, but his willingness to go beyond easy answers and research with the NPA and elsewhere is even more impressive and speaks to his professionalism and commitment.

~ Bruce H.

Just wanted to share some of the results from you and your staff working with my son Matthew.  He has really taken to your drills and methods.  He pitched in our game on Tuesday night.  Results were outstanding.  He pitched 3 innings ( the limit for the league) and threw 35 pitches striking out 9.  He was smooth and more accurate than he has ever been.  All of the Dads were asking what he did over the winter to change his motion.  I told them we participated in your program and that Matthew really liked the results.

~ Jeff S.